Leos Go To Zoo

Leo Club Medan PMCI joined with Leo Club Medan Spirit and some Leo Clubs in Malaysia, District 308 B2 held a project with one same theme: You are Loved in celebrating Valentine’s Day.

In this opportunity, on Sunday, 18 January 2015, Leo Club Medan PMCI gathered together to make about 80 butterfly lollipops with motivation quotes, which would be given to children. Leos of PMCI took 25 orphans from Claresta Orphanage to visit Medan Zoo at Simalingkar Area, Medan. There, the children were accompanied by approximately 20 members of Leo Club Medan PMCI to see the zoo animals like bears, elephants, tigers, monkeys and many more. They enjoyed taking picture with elephants, feeding deers, eating ice creams and at the end, the children were given milk, snack packets, and butterfly lollipops which have been prepared before. The butterfly lollipops were not only given to the orphans, but also given to the kids visitors.

You are Loved


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