On October 17th – November 28th, 2015; fellow Leo Club Jakarta Victory Legacy members alongside with HORE INDONESIA team visited kids in Kampung Guji, Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta every week for 5 weeks. We gathered around 8 o’clock in a nearby mini-market and drove to the nearest parking lot near Kampung Guji. As we walked through the houses, we were warmly welcomed by locals and we could hear kids playing around the Rumah Pintar – the place where we taught the kids, which was built by HORE INDONESIA team.

We laughed, we talked and we had a good time teaching them life lesson by delivering stories differently every week. The first week, on October 17th, 2015 we gathered and taught them true meaning of bravery through cartoon superheroes and characters that are familiar to them. On the second week, on October 24th, 2015 we started our weekdays by going back to Rumah Pintar and taught the kids there the meaning of giving through stories of inspirational people such as Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa. One thing that was different was we asked them to give the candies and snacks we gave them to other people either the one they know or not. Third week came up, on October 31th, 2015 we arranged post-to-post games and taught the kids about teamwork through these games! So much funny moments were created that time. Fourth week, on November 21th, 2015 we gathered up again after a long break from teaching because of national holidays and taught them the meaning of honesty. Our last week of teaching the kids came up as we gathered once more time on November 28th, 2015 and taught them about chasing dreams. We asked them firstly about their heroes and told them stories about local superheroes such as Soekarno, HOS Cokroaminoto and others.

Us, and the volunteers are totally grateful for the great experience. Meeting inspirational people from HORE INDONESIA team, such a great honor for us to teach kids in Kampung Guji under Rumah Pintar, a great project to support education to locals and such great moments were created as we met kids with great dreams and opportunities ahead of them. We are so lucky to know that we actually “receive more” as we “give more”, thankyou once again to every individuals that were involved in making this project came true! See you guys in KANAKA 3!

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