5th Annual Leo Clubs District 307 A2 Convention

Leo Clubs District 307 A2 held its 5th Annual Leo Clubs Convention on last Sunday, 22nd March 2015 at Hermes Palace Hotel, Pemuda Street, Medan, North Sumatra. This convention was attended by members of 9 Leo Clubs in District 307 A2: Leo Club Medan Emerald, Leo Club Medan Spirit, Leo Club Medan PMCI, Leo Club Medan Tunas Kesawan, Leo Club Medan IBBI Polonia, Leo Club Medan Stallion, Leo Club Medan Fortune Dodo Eternity, Leo Club Medan First Class Education and Leo Club Medan Eka Prasetya. Not only Leos, but DG Dalbir Singh Kapoor, VDG1 Lion Hasan Gunawan, VDS Lion Herman Liu, Leo MD Council Chairperson Lion Darsen Song, Leo District 307 A2 Council Chairperson Lion Lisdyana Adiwibowo, Leo MD 307 President Leo Heny, Lions Clubs  Sponsoring Presidents and Leo Advisors also attended this event.

There were 5 sessions need to be passed in this convention and the climax of all was the 4th Session: District President and District Vice President Election. Members from these 9 Leo Clubs who came as Delegate from their clubs had rights to vote for their next District President and Vice President. There were 3 candidates in this District President election, they were: Leo Kelvin Syahputra from Leo Club Medan PMCI, Leo Vicky Wu from Leo Club Medan Tunas Kesawan and Leo Davin Tania from Leo Club Medan First Class Education. After passed several process such as Introduction from three candidates, Campaign: Vision Mission Explanation, Question Session and last the Election, finally, the result was announced by Steering Committee (Leo Willyani) and elected Leo Davin Tania as next District President and Leo Kelvin Syahputra as next District Vice President for fiscal year 2015 – 2016. Congratulations for Leo Davin and Leo Kelvin! You both are the new future for Leo Clubs District 307 A2.

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